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Matthew Gold (MedicareMatt)

Licensed in NY, FL and NC.

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Meet MedicareMatt

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I am Matthew Gold, better known as MedicareMatt. I am here to help you navigate the often confusing world of Medicare Supplements and Advantage plans, plus other insurance solutions. I will take the most complex components, terms and phrases and reduce them to bite size pieces. You will know exactly what your options are and how they work. I am here to give you the tools you need to get all your questions answered.

For me, this all began in 2012. I found myself looking for a new opportunity, changing my career in the mortgage industry for healthcare protection. As it turned out, a few years after my move, I had my own health issues that I had to deal with. This help me better understand what I needed to know as well as have a greater appreciation for healthcare insurance. Since then, my health is exceptionally good, my navigational skills through plans is spot on and I know, at a very personal level, the reasons why we all need insurance. Now you will too. Thank you.

Matthew Gold (MedicareMatt)

Licensed in NY, FL and NC.

Call: (305) 215-7881 Email
Connect with me on LinkedIN


Medicare Supplement & Advantage Plans

If you are nearing 65, you are ready to enroll in a Medicare plan.
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Dental and Vision Insurance

Get a free quote for Dental and Vision Insurance.
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Travel Medical Insurance Plans

Short and long-term international health plans for all varieties of travel.
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Short Term Health Options

Short Term Insurance Solutions with UnitedHealthcare
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Global Insurance

Global Insurance for people who are working domestically and abroad
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Individual Health Insurance

Individual Insurance for people
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Even though I’m pretty smart when researching products and services,
 nothing prepared me for the plethora of information about Medicare options.

Niel L.

When it comes to choosing a Medicare Health Plan for a “Baby Boomer” like me, I couldn’t have done it without you! He found the correct plan that fit all...

Marilyn M.

As a certified financial planner, I strive to assist my clients with a wide variety of their needs. I have referred numerous clients to Matthew Gold throughout...

Laura S.